Help for Educational Institutions

Very good mindset, Having good Confidence, Strong Communication Skills & Interpersonal Skills, Concentration ,Focus & Interest to study are the Key to any students to succeed in their education and in life.  We provide relationship based training courses and Psychology Based Personalty development Courses specifically customized keeping the future society in mind.

About our training courses

We deliver tailored training programmes for schools and the Prison Service, as well as courses that can help professionals in the Civil Service, NHS, further education, local authorities, social services, children’s centres and the armed forces. Our courses are delivered by experienced trainers, ensuring high quality results.

For schools:

  • Motivational and assertiveness skills for young people
  • Training on Photographic Memory
  • Handling educational Stress and having better mind sets
  • Personality Development for Schools and Colleges
  • Confidence building
  • Developing Interpersonal Skills
  • Handling Bullies
  • Delivering relationship education for teaching professionals
  • Design Educational formats which will create interest to the students
  • Make the education easier and more presentable to learn
  • Children Counseling
  • Customizing education for Special Children

Get in Touch:

If you would like to find more about our offerings or discuss about your requirements, please contact Balasubramanian,NLP Master Practitioner at care@chennainlp or call us at 91-8939948971.