Sales Excellence


How NLP can help me to increase my sales targets?

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming helps people to make their mind their best friend by removing all the conflicting dialogues.  It helps you to think clearly, makes you to communicate better and plan & execute to achieve results quickly.  It helps you influence the people or group you talk to in a more subtler and sophisticated ways.

I do not know NLP, can I get coaching or should I learn NLP to get coached? What is pre-requirement to get into coaching?

You do not need to know anything about NLP.  We will take care of that.  Only pre-requirement is an open mind to get coached.

How long will it take ?

NLP works very fast. It takes only two days to undergo coaching.  Our coarse material clubbed with practical training will make you to understand application of NLP easy.  What we provide is not a theory,   It is applied NLP.

Will I get support even after I complete the coaching?

As you are aware practice makes you better.  During the final phases of coaching, we will provide you how to practice the NLP in real life.  During the phase, if you have any questions or doubts you can reach us and we will revert back quickly.

I am not in India, can I take the coaching online?

We provide coaching services only face to face and only in Chennai.  We have designed the coaching to be more practical, it needs to have physical presence.  If you are willing to sponsor a flight ticket to your place with accommodation, we can consider the travel based on our schedule.

Is it a personalized coaching or provided in group?

Our coaching is personalized meeting to your agenda.  In case, if you want to have a coaching to be arranged for a group of people, we can very well do for the group too.

I am interested and how to start ?

Just call Mr. Balasubramanian at 089399389471 or leave a message in the chat application.